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The production process of plate custom furniture

The production process of plate type furniture

Raw materials (small plates required for opening the cabinet)

Slotting (the slot used by the cabinet)

Sealing side (finishing off the edge of the finished material)

Punch holes (various holes required to assemble the cabinet)

With five gold cabinets

Customized sheet furniture production process

Measure size: measure and calculate the size of cabinet, wardrobe and other furniture needed by customers.

Design cabinet style: by customizing the furniture design software, the design of the required cabinet to the customer online, the most intuitive three-dimensional view shows to the customer. It can also be used for decoration. (the design software can be used to optimize the utilization rate of the layout of the sheet to optimize the plate utilization rate of over 90%).

Vertical hole - slotted - open

The whole standard plate is used to make various vertical hole bits, slots, open materials and various small plates needed by the cabinet.

Sealing edge: the sealing edge of automatic sealing machine is used for sealing edge treatment, so that the whole cabinet wardrobe reaches a higher aesthetic effect.

Horizontal hole: use CNC side hole machine, or double column drill, single arm row drill, three row drill and other punch equipment to handle the side hole.

Hardware packaging: equipped with hardware for assembling cabinet body. Or directly match the hardware package cabinet, to the customer's home for installation.

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