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The engraving machine is widely used to promote the fine development of art li

With the popularity of custom furniture, more and more furniture production companies have gradually started purchasing whole house custom equipment to realize the transformation of products. Plate type furniture opening machine with its multi-process efficient processing advantage, is favored by panel furniture manufacturers. As a CNC machine manufacturer with independent r & d production capacity, super star CNC has introduced the quality plate furniture opening machine.

The imported parts are precise and stable

The equipment track adopts high precision linear orbit, stable operation, high precision, stable support and extension of machine life. The z-axis adopts imported industrial-grade ball screw, accurate positioning and perfect processing effect. It has circulating cooling system, controllable cooling flow and humanized design. Have power failure recovery, breakpoint continuous carving, processing time prediction, automatic knife and other powerful functions. Industrial production machine, heavy duty all-steel structure welding, integrated bed, thick-top and gantry beam structure. The screw connection of all parts can be tightened 100 times, which is beneficial for the replacement of spare parts without affecting the rigidity and durability of the machine.

High efficiency and high quality work

Board type furniture opening machine can be automatically changed according to the model of furniture, convenient and fast, save time and effort. With dust protection, let the machine have no chips. Compatible with TYPE3, Artcam, fine engraving JD, wentai sculpture, UG, MasterCAM, PowerMill and other CAD/CAM design and production software. Intelligent processing overstepping protection, preventing the design of the layout, more than the processing of the mechanical collision phenomenon.

It is widely used in wood products

Suitable for furniture decoration, instrument manufacturing, wooden crafts, art model, art font characters, identification, plane, solid wood furniture, carving art murals, density board ambry wenqi door, composite door, Windows, bedside table, screen relief engraving cutting, decoration processing, gift packaging, wave plate, electrical appliances, sports goods, such as various mesa of 3 d surface of wooden industrial products and shape cutting.

The popularity of custom furniture, mixed caused the woodworking machinery market, the super star CNC warm reminder: the customers must know in person power equipment factory equipment function, practicality and manufacturer in all aspects and make a decision after a comprehensive investigation, in order to bring unnecessary trouble later.

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