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Complete room custom cabinet door production line plan - superstar numerical c

Ambry cabinet door production line is to satisfy a lot of manufacturers to want to do ark body again to want to do cabinet door production demand, the integral production line plan of combination collocation.

[1] software

1. Perfect butt plate design software and machine, to realize the whole house closet custom-built ambry production, custom furniture software can realize the online design clients want various cabinets wardrobe model, customers can intuitive understanding in 3 d view they want cabinet put oneself in another's position is in line with their own requirements, customer satisfaction can be carried out only after production. Custom furniture software can also remove the design of the cabinet, and then optimize the layout to make the layout in the most efficient manner, and greatly improve the utilization rate of the plate. Custom furniture software can also carry out material cost budget, the cost of each cabinet can be seen at a glance.

2. Cabinet door design software, can design various styles of cabinet doors online. The cabinet door design software comes with thousands of cabinet door graphics, which can be changed and saved at will, the perfect collocation of cabinet door software and cabinet software is suitable for making customized production more personalized.

[2] full house custom furniture processing center

Processing center is a compound wood working CNC processing equipment, with eight to 12 knives of the knife of the knife storage capacity, can automatically change the knife to process. In the case of the cabinet, it can be used to make vertical holes, grooves and open materials. In the door of the cabinet can be changed to process various complex types.

[3] edge sealing machine

The automatic sealing edge machine can seal the edge of each plate of the numerical control drive machine, and the price of automatic sealing machine with pre-milling and imitation tracking is slightly higher, which achieves a good aesthetic effect.

Four drill

Punching hole is the last process in the production process of plate furniture. CNC cutting machine and CNC drilling through custom furniture design software use docking, board type furniture production of the whole assembly line numerical control operation, ordinary workers independent operation without any problems. The numerical control drill is now more common with numerical control side row drill, double column drill, single arm row drilling and processing center, depending on the degree of function, different prices are also different.

[5] sander

Sanding machine main if the finishing cabinet door is sanded, make its surface look more smooth, convenient to follow the cover film. Make the door look smoother and smoother.

[6] laminating machine

The laminating machine mainly is to the cabinet door carries on the film cover, to have the certain decoration effect, the color client of the film laminating can match according to the preference and the cabinet body color.

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