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How to choose a high - quality CNC open - machine manufacturer

Due to the increasing demand of the plate furniture CNC opening machine, there are more and more manufacturers. Large and small carving machine factory home development direction from the carving machine to the driving machine. This also caused the quality of the products on the market to be mixed, the price difference is also very big. Some machine different manufacturer appearance and configuration look similar, price can differ more than twice, how should the customer choose? It is suggested that the customer should inspect the manufacturer of numerical control open material from the following aspects.

I. technical strength: investigate whether the manufacturer actually has its own independent r&d personnel. The machine developed or imitated itself. There is no formal machine drawing. As mechanical now more and more common, people use machinery to replace the human species more and more, the technology that would require a factory must be strong, constantly update, constantly improved. As some small factory can do customer's live, but, in fact, even for a sample to the customer site, such machines customers buy to return as a heap of old iron, can create value for customers.

Hardware: we should focus on whether the manufacturer has high-end production equipment and machining capability. Only high-end production equipment can produce quality products. The super - star numerical control has invested heavily in the CNC dragon gate milling of Qingdao machine tool, which has greatly improved the precision and quality of the machine.

3. Assembly aspect: the CNC opening machine is of high speed cutting, and the accuracy and stability of the machine are high. The crucial step to ensure these two points is assembly. Imagine that when you assemble, if the rails are not installed, the rack is not straight, and it looks as if it is used in the same way, such a machine can't be used at all. However, the super star CNC driving machine, when assembling, strictly adopts the meter assembly, all the machines are the same standard. Really get customers to buy machines that can be trusted.

4. Have a large number of mature customer use cases: it is much better to visit the customer factory than in the machine manufacturer. Because you can see the whole production process. Understand that the machine has problems in the actual production process.

In conclusion, choose open machine, board type furniture is not like the customer see, just on the surface, see can, you have to factory workers, comprehensive inspection, the comprehensive consideration before you make a decision! Shandong super star numerical control, welcome you to our factory field inspection, you are welcome to inspect us at any time!

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