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The best selling woodworking equipment of 2017 - four process driving machines

Today super star numerical control is to introduce to you a kind of most practical, also the most cost-effective equipment - the four-step processing machine.

Four process compared with common cutting machine cutting machine for more than a few processing spindle, ordinary single head cutting machine one-time can complete a process, want to accomplish a variety of process need to manually change the knife, and process each spindle on cutting machine is equipped with four different functions of cutting tools, non-stop to complete a variety of machining process.

4. Characteristics of machine machine:

(1) it is equipped with multiple processing spindle, which can optimize the opening materials, punch holes, grooves and perfect integration to achieve maximum efficiency output.

(2) it is equipped with auxiliary automatic feeding device, which greatly improves the efficiency of the equipment and avoids the knock and damage of the material made in artificial material.

(3) advanced intelligent numerical control system, simple and easy to learn, easy to operate and stable performance.

(4) vacuum adsorption table can be used to absorb the plates of different sizes, good suction, convenient operation, quick replacement of materials and high efficiency.

(5) using side-wall type, flange sliding block structure, running smoothly, the guide rail adopts segmented structure, and the change of guide rail needs no professional personnel, more aspects.

(6) complete dust removal device can ensure the effective cleaning and collection of granular fertilizer in all links and parts.

(7) automatic lubrication system is equipped with central automatic lubrication system to ensure the efficient operation of the machine.

(8) operating software open interface, strong compatibility can be connected with multiple furniture design and dismounting software.

The main application of the four-process driving machine is the cabinet, wardrobe, whole house customization, board furniture, office furniture, hospital furniture, bank furniture, children's furniture; Decorated hollow lattice, soft package background wall production; The plate type furniture cuts the material, the grooves drain hole and so on.

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