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CX-1313-200 laser cutting machine

CX-1313-200 laser cutting machine



1, Laser power: 200W (UK GSI tube)

2, 18mm cutting speed250-300mm/min (200W)

3, High precision: imported high precision ball-screw and linear- guide

4, Motors: Adopt SANYO servo motor

5, Low operation cost and simplicity of operation

6, up&down separate powerful double exhaust system.

7, professional constant temperature chiller

8, USB control system

9, Steady power supply




1, Designed with laser knife mold and powerful air pump to collect smoke produced during working.

2. Ball screw, guide rail and smoke prevention design.  CX-1313-200 can protect ball screw, guide rail, lens, laser and laser power crucial and precision parts, so can guarantee the normal operation of the equipment from contingency influences maximum.

3. Adopt the most reliable single cutting head of flight light path design, strengthens equipment’s working performances, adjusting light path is much easier, the use is more reliable

4, Long tube life time: 10,000hours


Applicable material:

Wood, Bamboo, Marble, Organic glass, Acrylic, Crystal, Plastic, Garments, Paper, Leather, Rubber, Ceramic, Glass and other nonmetal materials


Applicable industry:

Advertisement, arts and crafts, leather, toys, garments, building models, computerized embroidery and clipping, packaging and paper industry


Technical Parameter:

Model number


Whole machine size

2100 X 2000 X 1200mm

Working area


Laser power


Power supply


Position accuracy




Software provided

Laser Cut 5.3

Cutting thickness

30mm acrylic (max);up to 2MM carbon steel or 1MM Stainless Steel

Cutting speed


Machine weight





If cut metal, add special device for adjust laser height during working.


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