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CXM25Q/D4-P Single head four spindle ATC CNC Router

CXM25Q/D4-P Single head four spindle ATC CNC Router

CXM25Q/D4-P Single head four spindle ATC CNC Router
Patent NO.: 201020173860.2 201020173887.1
  The machine can process four work pieces at one time
  The four heads also can work separately.
  The distance among the four heads can be adjusted easily. 
★ Description & Specifications:

Working area


Z working area


Positioning accuracy


Working accuracy


Max working speed


Max travilling speed


Spindle power

3KW*4 water cooling (or air cooling)

Spindle rotary speed


Machine structure

Steel structure

Table structure

Vacuum table with 6 zones

Control system

China-made Ncstudio controller

Drive motor

High-speed Stepper drive

Cooling system

Water pump

XYZ move mode

XY gear wheel and square guide way,

Z ball screw and square guide way

Working voltage



Wentai or Type3

Command language


★ Application:
   Mainly used for wood furniture industry like processing wood door,
   cabinet door, art and craft door, MDF cutting, wood board cutting
   and processing other nonmetal materials, etc. 
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