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1325 cnc router for mini letter
1325 cnc router for mini letter
1325 cnc router for mini letter
Model Number
Control System
Working range
Square rail
X、Y、Z TaiwanTBI
Hotline :
1. It adopts the industrial heavy-duty seamless welded structure design and the finite element method calculation of the anti-deformation of the welded structure, and heat treatment through the fuselage to ensure the best strength and rigidity.
2. Adopting the transmission mode of gantry movement, the equipment is stable and the vibration is small.
3, configure multi-touch to adjust the foot of the machine, to facilitate the adjustment of the machine balance
4, Taiwan TBI high-precision linear square guide, and high-precision ball screw, higher precision
5, using all-digital AC brushless servo, the transmission power is greater, faster
6. Configure high-frequency, high-power automatic tool change spindle, low noise, large torque, low bounce rate, high cutting efficiency, high gloss
7, standard professional vacuum vacuum adsorption platform, large bearing capacity, strong adsorption
8, independent control cabinet, strong and weak electricity separation, maintenance is more convenient

The scope of work


Running speed

20 m / min



Control System

Beijing Wentai Control System Touch Screen DSP Controller Control

Spindle speed


Main axis

Mini word dedicated spindle


750W servo motor

Wire rod

X, Y, Z three-axis adopts Taiwan imported high-precision ball screw drive

Square rail

X, Y, Z Taiwan TBI

Oil filling system

Electric oil filling system

Vacuum pump

5.5KW wind vacuum pump

Adsorption table

Matrix vacuum adsorption platform, freely partitioned


About 1.5 tons

Applicable Industry
Mini word processing, bevel word processing, acrylic luminous characters, high-end advertising words, logo production and processing.
Other industries that can be used: architectural models, plastic and solid wood models, three-dimensional surface processing of musical instruments, and also for engraving on copper, aluminum, iron, and aluminum products.
Applicable materials: acrylic, copper, aluminum, non-metallic materials.