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1325 four axis swinging head engraving machine
1325 four axis swinging head engraving machine
1325 four axis swinging head engraving machine
Model Number
Control system
Taiwan Syntec
Drive motor
Yaskawa, Japan
Spindle power
Italy hsd9kw
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The four axis woodworking machining center is the latest development of Shandong Chaoxing CNC according to the market demand. It is suitable for some carving projects that can not be completed by ordinary three axis carving machines. At the same time, it avoids the high price of the five axis machining center, which is more convenient and quick. It increases the disc cutter library, automatically changes the cutter, and is convenient and fast, which is suitable for the production and processing of more complex projects. The design adopts gantry moving, disc knife changing structure and "t" bed to maintain the stability and accuracy of the high-speed movement of the machining center. And according to the actual working conditions, different types of table top can be designed, the strip adsorption can be clamped and sucked; the suction clamp is public, and the material fixation is more stable.
The main components are world-famous brands, such as HSD spindle imported from Italy, high-precision linear guide rail from Taiwan Shangyin, Yaskawa servo motor and servo drive control system from Japan. The application of these high-end components can ensure the accuracy, speed and efficiency of the machine.
(1) balance oil cylinder, which can not only assist the z-axis drive and make the work more stable, but also protect the ball screw and servo motor.
(2) dust proof design, to prevent dust and dirt, to ensure the normal operation of the machine, and to make the life of the machine longer.
(3) T-shaped structure heavy bed, thick wall square tube seamless welding, after vibration aging treatment, strong and durable, not easy to deformation.
(4) the stroke of z-axis is 450mm, and the processing breadth is large, so large-scale three-dimensional surface processing is set and processed.
(5) Taiwan advanced generation control system is a well-known CNC control system in the world, which has the functions of processing time prediction, power-off memory, power-off continuation carving, etc.
(6) the disc automatic tool changer is convenient and fast.




X axis stroke


Y axis stroke


Z axis stroke


Resolving power


operating system

Syntec (with wireless handwheel)

Transmission mode

XY rack Z lead screw


Taiwan's upper bank track


Japan yaskawa servo

Software operation environment


Carving instruction



9kw HSD Italian air cooling



Applicable Industry

Wood, stone, dragon foam, as well as various non-metallic materials, carving all kinds of small and medium-sized non-metallic mold, special shape workpiece and other precision products.