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M25 automatic tool change engraving machine
M25 automatic tool change engraving machine
M25 automatic tool change engraving machine
Model Number
Control system
KND Beijing
Guide rail
Taiwan 25 square
Drive motor
Beijing KND absolute value servo
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The machine adopts the following type automatic tool change system, the tool magazine is at both ends, which does not affect the feed height and platform area.
1. The whole machine adopts seamless welding of steel structure, with strong bearing capacity and small deformation. Imported linear square guide, high precision, wear-resistant, stable operation.
2. Adopt the following type automatic tool change system, the tool change time only needs more than ten seconds, save the tool change time and improve the production efficiency.
3. Split keyboard operation: simple, convenient and easy to learn. The user can quickly and flexibly grasp the use method of the equipment, which is more independent.
4. Advanced Beijing kainti control system. The intelligent processing cross-border protection function can prevent the mechanical collision caused by the design layout exceeding the processing range. Intelligent processing speed control can control the processing speed separately, truly improve the processing efficiency, extend the tool life, and improve the yield.
5. Advanced file preprocessing function helps users correct errors in processing files in time, and is well compatible with processing codes generated by type3 / ArtCAM / MasterCAM / CAXA, etc. Advanced three-dimensional curve prediction algorithm, smooth broken line, ensure the running speed and accuracy of the curve.
6. Dust collection and absorption device: the dust collection system can absorb wood chips and foam in the process of processing, keep the working table clean and maintain the equipment in a disguised way; the six zone vacuum absorption table can effectively absorb different sizes of plates, instead of the previous mechanical plate fixation, and shorten the loading and unloading time of plates other than processing.
7. It has the function of breakpoint, power-off and continuous engraving, and has the function of automatic error correction back to the original point, effectively ensuring the machining accuracy during long working hours.


X, Y axis travel


Z axis stroke


Platform size


Maximum travel speed


Mesa structure

Vacuum adsorption by suction

operating system

KND(Taiwan Syntec)



Carving instruction


Power (excluding spindle)


working voltage

380V 50Hz

Spindle power

9.0KW air-cooled tool change spindle

Spindle speed


Operation mode

Beijing KND (Yaskawa servo)

Applicable Industry

Woodworking industry: solid wood furniture, customized furniture, furniture decoration, musical instrument manufacturing, wood crafts, art models, art font characters, logo, plate plane carving, art mural, screen relief carving and cutting, decoration processing, gift packaging, wave board, electrical platform, sports goods, and other three-dimensional curved surface and shape cutting of various wood industrial products.
Mold industry: it can engrave all kinds of molds, wooden models, models, aviation molds, propellers, building models, sand table models, motorboat models, automobile foam moulds, etc.