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M25-q4 four process engraving machine
M25-q4 four process engraving machine
M25-q4 four process engraving machine
Model Number
Control system
Shanghai Weihong
Guide rail
Taiwan 25 square
Drive motor
domestic servo
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Functional features:
◆ carving, drilling, cutting, edge guiding, milling, etc. are all in one operation. The four processes switch heads, and the tool changing process is uninterrupted, realizing automation.
◆ Beijing kaiendi intelligent control system, humanized control interface design, fool like operation, operators can work after simple training, without technical workers. The machine moves quickly and efficiently, which helps you to achieve the leap of production capacity.
The machine adopts HQD high-power air-cooled spindle, full servo drive system, imported electrical components and other components, with stable performance.
◆ the table top is a vacuum adsorption table top, which can strongly absorb materials of different areas. The processing of small plates has no displacement, the processing surface is smooth, and the plate size is accurate.
◆ electric oiling, automatic oiling can be set according to the time, to ensure the lubrication of slider lead screw guide rail and extend the service life.
◆ Taiwan's high-precision square linear guide rail has the advantages of high precision, long service life, large contact surface and strong load-bearing capacity. The vertical rail technology can better ensure the operation stability.
◆ reinforce and thicken heavy-duty gantry, steel plate is processed by precision cutting and planer, plus welding, equivalent to secondary tempering treatment, to ensure long-term durability of gantry and no deformation in work.
◆ the whole cast iron side plate is tempered at high temperature to prevent deformation of the side plate and affect the travel accuracy of y-axis.




working area


Platform size



Z screw, x, y rack

Maximum idling speed


Maximum working speed



Taiwan 25 track


4.5kw air cooling spindle * 3, 6kW air cooling * 1

Operation mode

Reiser servo

working voltage


Operation instructions

G code

operating system

Weihong system



Applicable Industry

Panel furniture, cabinet, wardrobe, office furniture, customized furniture. Wardrobe, cabinet, computer table, panel furniture, office furniture, wooden speakers, wooden kitchenware and other panel furniture plane cutting, milling, inverting, punching, carving and other auxiliary processing.