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Economical scheme: 4 switch on the feeding machine (or switchblade) + full automatic edge sealing machine + side hole machine Advantages: economical and practical, with less land, and investment of more than 200,000 yuan can quickly form high-quality production scale, 3-4 workers in the factory, processing special-shaped plates, and 8-hour processing panels 140-160 square meters. The equipment machined table adopts the thick-type tempered steel plate, the mesa is not deformed, not pendulous, the carving flatness, the vertical degree is high, increases the stability that the whole machine is used year-round. Adopt the absolute value servo motor of Beijing kaine di 1500W high power absolute value servo motor to match the Nippon speed reducer and torque to ensure the processing speed and stability of the equipment. The z-axis adopts brake motor. After power failure, the machine head can be protected and the machine head will not slip off. After the power failure is restarted, the machine will not be returned to zero, and the machine can be started directly. After shutdown, automatic memory location, once again starting up, no need to re-check the mechanical origin, more ensure the location accuracy.
  • Add thick tempered steel plate countertop

  • Kaine absolute value servo motor

  • German egueses and cables

  • Double adsorbed table

  • High temperature tempering cast iron side plate

  • Domestic HQD vertical drilling package

  • Automatic oil filling device

  • Aging treatment bed

  • High precision square rail in Taiwan

  • Well-known brand electrical components

  • High machining efficiency

    Fast cutting speed, short production cycle, rapid forming and cutting

  • Cutting quality

    Narrow cutting, smooth cutting surface, no slag, no burr, high precision

  • High degree of automation
    It can be used to cut automatic sample and set material, and the nc system is easy to operate
  • Production cost reduction

    No mold, no tool wear, less waste material, less labor cost