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Medium capacity plan: C5 automatic upper and lower feeding machine + full automatic sealing edge machine + automatic side hole machine Advantages: it can be used in medium - batch mixed single - type production, and can process special-shaped plates. Easy to operate, 3-4 workers. 8 hours can be processed about 200 square meters. The factory layout is flexible. German imports of ygg-chall and cable drag chain, Germany continuation of spirit, and cable drag chain in harsh environments after 100000 times of operation test, the deformation cable drag chain without break line, factory promise 2 years problems can be free to field replacement. Separate the signal line and power cord according to the specification area, better defense signal interference, the internal partition of the tow chain is fixed, and the cable work is not screwed together. The cable adopts high flexible shielding wire and the service life is longer.
Board type furniture, cabinet closet, office furniture, custom furniture. Wardrobe, cabinet put oneself in another's position of cabinet put oneself in another's position, ambry, computer desk, board type furniture, office furniture, wooden box, wooden kitchen utensils and appliances and so on each kind of board type furniture plane cutting, milling, edge, punching, sculpture and other auxiliary processing.
  • Add thick tempered steel plate countertop

  • Kaine absolute value servo motor

  • German egueses and cables

  • Double adsorbed table

  • High temperature tempering cast iron side plate

  • Domestic HQD vertical drilling package

  • Automatic oil filling device

  • Aging treatment bed

  • High precision square rail in Taiwan

  • Well-known brand electrical components

  • High machining efficiency
    Fast cutting speed, short production cycle, rapid forming and cutting
  • Cutting quality
    Narrow cutting, smooth cutting surface, no slag, no burr, high precision
  • High degree of automation
    It can be used to cut automatic sample and set material, and the nc system is easy to operate
  • Production cost reduction
    No mold, no tool wear, less waste material, less labor cost